INTTRA is ocean shipping’s leading e-marketplace where companies go to ship efficiently and gain insights to grow. Backed by over 50 carriers and the world’s largest network of ocean shippers, INTTRA technology changes the way our industry connects and does business with one another.

More than 22% of our world’s trade begins at INTTRA – and with unique visibility into 35% of global container traffic, only INTTRA users can access the big picture insights needed to better collaborate, share knowledge, and manage shipments around the world.

  • Why 220,000 people choose INTTRA for their ocean shipping needs:

    Superior Technology

    Underlying INTTRA’s solution is industry leading, transaction processing and analytics technology that consistently delivers high availability, highly secure and lightning fast systems. INTTRA’s SaaS-based products are hosted in a premium data center with world-class operating standards with a team of global IT professionals 24x7x365. Network participants receive 99.95% system uptime with the power to support high-volume transaction processing and data accessibility to enhance network collaboration and decision-making in the fast-paced ocean shipping industry. One connection to INTTRA puts the ocean at your fingertips.


    Over the past 13 years, we’ve done more than simply deliver products. With our carrier and shipping partners, we’ve developed the standards in use today for critical shipping business processes. Through a rich set of well-defined, repeatable business processes we deliver global efficiencies across the full shipping lifecycle. Ocean shipping is our DNA. The INTTRA processes and supporting member services help our clients employ the power of e-commerce to achieve rapid business impact – helping them reduce costly overhead and deliver valuable business improvements.


    INTTRA professionals are dedicated and passionate about what we do. Our history of innovation creating process and industry standards, performance measurement standards and metrics, and unequaled network collaboration has been powered by the people at INTTRA - who deeply understand the challenges and requirements of the ocean shipping industry. We are 100% focused on helping our clients transform how they manage shipping processes and engage partners across the supply chain for greater efficiency, lower risk, better visibility and improved collaboration.