Driving Improved Supply Chain Visibility

Poor information quality is recognized as the #1 problem in ocean shipping today – and the primary obstacle to achieving supply chain optimization.

Getting shipment visibility starts with access to high quality information so that is how INTTRA started. Together with a group of carriers and shippers, we have been working to bring more reliable, quality shipment information to you.

The results have been outstanding. Since we began, we’ve seen:

  • 11% overall improved data quality
  • 41% improved data quality for one participating carrier

Great information quality helps everyone achieve supply chain visibility.

With INTTRA’s proven 4-Step Visibility IQ process, you too can improve your information quality by:

  • Engaging carriers
  • Identifying problems
  • Making systemic changes
  • Tracking and sharing improvements

It starts with knowing your Visibility IQ score. Take our test to discover your score and how you compare to your competitors. INTTRA will then provide a customized, proven action plan to guide your company to achieving higher quality shipment data.

Top 5 Carriers w/the Highest Information Quality Scores!

  1. APL
  2. CSAV Group
  3. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL)
  4. United Arab Shipping Company (UASC)
  5. Hapag-Lloyd
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Do You Want to Achieve a High Visibility IQ?

INTTRA can help. Kick off your journey to better data today with our proven 4-step process.