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What We Do

inttra is the electronic transaction platform and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. Our customers can book and track containers and submit shipping instructions within the industry’s largest e-commerce network, gaining access to 54 carriers and NVOCCs. Through Ocean Schedules, customers can select from 12 million voyages annually.

INTTRA’s Network

Nearly one-quarter of the world’s ocean container traffic — over 700,000 containers per week — originates through inttra’s network

INTTRA’s Superior Customer Experience

We provide a superior customer experience with user-friendly products and a deep commitment to customer care. Having pioneered the multi-carrier e-commerce portal in 2001, we continue to drive innovation in ocean shipping.

Today, our advanced data analytics tools equip shippers and freight forwarders to improve performance by making more informed shipment decisions based on their own shipping histories.

As a neutral, central party, we recently led a crucial initiative to facilitate industry-wide compliance with upcoming container weight verification regulations (SOLAS VGM). Going forward, we will continue provide industry leadership and provide our customers with new and enhanced ways to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and generate growth from participating in ocean shipping’s largest network.