Introducing OceanMetrics

INTTRA’s OceanMetrics is a business insights platform, which provides actionable ocean shipment performance intelligence based on actual carrier and shipper transactions processed on the INTTRA e-commerce platform.

OceanMetrics enables shippers and carriers to measure their own performance, as well as the performance of their ocean freight partners, using a common set of information.

Now shippers and carriers will have a shared understanding of consistent facts when addressing key performance areas and can have unbiased conversations targeted at optimizing supply chains and improving service delivery.

        - Deepen customer and partner relationships
        - Quickly identify customer service improvements
        - Prioritize resources based on operational strengths and weaknesses
        - Optimize supply chain planning and execution
        - Elevate negotiations utilizing service and reliability measurements
  • Performance Measurements

    OceanMetrics provides a simple to use graphical representation of common, consistent and validated measurements that are unmatched in depth and breadth. OceanMetrics is based on actual transactions (over 2 million per month) sent to over 30 carriers through the INTTRA network.

    On-time delivery measurements

    • Percentage of containers that arrive on the day expected
    • Percentage of containers that arrive 1 day early, on the day expected, or 1 day late
    • Average number of days early when containers are more than one day early
    • Average number of days late when containers are more than one day late

    Booking process measurements

    • Percent of booking requests that receive an on-time response (within two hours)
    • Average number of hours for a booking response when a response exceeds 2 hours
    • Percent of booking requests declined by carriers
    • Booking cancellations and their proximity to sail date
    • Booking amendments and their proximity to sail date
    • Average number of amendments per amended booking
  • Features

    OceanMetrics includes of number of features that allow customers to more quickly analyze and create insights from the performance measurements.

    Multiple Views

    • Bar charts comparing trading partner performance during the previous 3 months
    • Geography charts depicting country to country performance during the previous 3 months
    • Trend charts displaying performance during the previous year

    Grouping Capabilities

    • View company performance at a global, regional,or individual location level
    • View partner performance at a global, regional, or individual location level
    • View partner performance based on specific commodity types or reefer accounts

    Additional Features Include

    • Import and export views of performance measures
    • Export performance measures to Excel for sharing or incorporation into other applications and reports
  • Access and Availability


    Once configured, shippers and carriers can access OceanMetrics via the INTTRA portal. A single set of login credentials will grant access to all INTTRA applications, including OceanMetrics. OceanMetrics will be made available at no cost to both shippers and carriers in the INTTRA Network.


    A pilot program with some of the largest ocean carriers and more than 40 shippers and freight forwarders has been running since February 2011. OceanMetrics will be available to all INTTRA customers in a phased rollout, beginning Q2 2012.

  • New to INTTRA

    OceanMetrics is only available to INTTRA shipper and carriers. If you are not a current INTTRA customer, Register Today to begin submitting your bookings through the INTTRA Portal. You will then be contacted when OceanMetrics is being added to your account.

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  • Existing INTTRA Customers

    To realize the most efficiencies in your supply chain, you can take steps now to prepare for the launch of OceanMetrics. Listed below is a checklist to help you prepare now.

    In the coming months, INTTRA will send all customers an email with details on when your account has access to OceanMetrics.