Shipping Instructions

Looking for a way to avoid costly fines and delays due to inaccurate or non-compliant Shipping Instructions? INTTRA can help.

With one connection to INTTRA, you’ll get 24/7 access to a streamlined e-Shipping Instructions application designed to speed up the documentation process and help you create error-free, compliant shipping instructions to over 50 carriers.

  • Single process for submitting and amending SIs in multiple languages.
  • Re-use and edit existing booking data to create new SIs.
  • Accurately input and deliver information on multiple containers and commodities in a single set of SIs.
  • Automatically receive SI receipts from carriers.
  • Choose Your Way to Submit

    After you create your INTTRA account, choose from a variety of ways to submit your documents.

  • Benefits

    • Streamlines the process eliminating errors and speeding up documentation
    • Use a single, standardized process for reaching all your major carriers
    • Lowers integration costs (one integration to multiple carriers)
    • Formats Shipping Instructions into Bill of Lading format for easier viewing
    • Standardized, electronic format reduces errors and misunderstandings
    • Lowers risk of shipment delays, available 24/7 with immediate accessibility
    • Reduces Communication costs
    • Visibility of your requests by tracking and auditing your documents
  • Features

    • Multiple SI creation options available through online, desktop and electronic links
    • Support for SI amendment process
    • Re-use and edit booking data to create new SI’s
    • Support for multiple container/commodity information
    • Support for hazardous cargo
    • Support for split goods and multi-level packaging
    • Data presented in generic Bill of Lading format
    • Compliance with key country customs container security regulations
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  • Customer Testimonials

    "The new system has greatly reduced the time it takes to issue booking requests and shipping instructions, ultimately delivering cost savings to Stora Enso. Now you don't have to sit and wait when the person that you need to speak to is on the line. You just send the booking. So you get more shipments done a day and you have more time to deal with the bigger issues."
    Anna Wilhelmsson, Supervisor and Coordinator, Stora Enso Infologistic

    "Since integrating with INTTRA our shipment processes are better. We see improvements in the turnaround time and data quality of our documentation.  Fewer revisions are necessary now, and that saves us time and money."
    Eric Wu, Vice-President, Casa China

    "INTTRA has allowed Safmarine, as well as Safmarine's customers, to speed up the integration of booking requests and confirmations, and shipping instructions and bills of lading.  By building a standard interface between INTTRA and Safmarine, we are able to offer our customers a convenient service at a low cost to us."
    Erwin Hoefkens, e-commerce product manager, Safmarine

    "Kuehne + Nagel started with INTTRA's electronic sailing schedule. The next phase was electronic booking - INTTRA's eBooking tool - followed by electronic shipping instructions and Bills of Lading (Bs/L). And finally, of course, you want to know what's going to happen to your cargo, so we deployed INTTRA's electronic Track & Trace Information tool."
    Joachim Wohlers, Vice President of Global Sea Freight Systems, Kuehne & Nagel

    "Between its mills and its carriers worldwide, StoraEnso has a complex supply chain. Different carriers needed to use different interfaces. During the integration period, systems and processes have been aligned - with, for example, changes to internal coding and keyboard alterations made to reflect different national languages - to allow for seamless communication between StoraEnso's transport and distribution centers and its carriers. The new system has greatly reduced the time it takes to issue booking requests and shipping instructions, ultimately delivering cost savings to StoraEnso."
    Anna Wilhelmsson, Supervisor and Coordinator, Stora Enso Infologistic

  • Case Studies

    Read about how INTTRA solved Mallory Alexander’s need for an efficient and accurate electronic data submission and document release program.

  • Additional Downloads

    Download our e-Shipping brochure to learn more about the benefits of submitting SIs on INTTRA.