What is the INTTRA Business Continuity Service?

Think about INTTRA Business Continuity as an insurance policy that will allow you to accept electronic booking requests from your customers even when your systems go down.

Customer to Carrier Mapping

INTTRA will establish a back-up carrier mapping on the INTTRA Global Trade Platform for every one of your customers.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The INTTRA customer service team will handle inquiries about booking requests on your behalf while your systems are down.

How does the INTTRA Business Continuity Service work?

  • INTTRA enables each of your customers to conduct electronic booking transactions with your business on the Global Trade Platform.
  • If your systems go down, customers can submit their booking requests on the INTTRA platform.

  • Requests on the INTTRA platform are sent to you.

  • INTTRA customer service handles booking inquiries while your systems are down.

In the case of a Cybersecurity Disaster

INTTRA can ensure booking requests are not interrupted