Container Tracking

The INTTRA platform allows more effective management of cargo movement around the world. For each container shipped through your INTTRA account by you or your forwarder, you receive a standard set of status events, including date of receipt, vessel loaded, departed and arrived.

This information can be accessed through a single web-interface or delivered to you through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

Using the INTTRA web-interface, the advanced search capability enables users to search by booking, container or reference number, carrier and date range.

The INTTRA Container Tracking product provides greater container-shipment control and visibility as well as empowering the user with the ability to monitor services provided by partner carriers.

  • Benefits

    • Global visibility to in-transit cargo reduces time spent on tracking customer service issues
    • Confidentiality is assured since recipients must be a coded party on the Booking Order or the Bill of Lading
    • Multi-carrier platforms and transactions are standardized and consolidated
    • Saves money by reducing resources required to manage multiple channels with multiple partners
    • Provides increased efficiencies by allowing tracking through one portal or one EDI connection
  • Features

    T&T Features

    • Unified view of all in-transit cargo either through connectivity with in-house system or via the INTTRA portal
    • Standardized container status events
    • Dedicated 24/6 INTTRA customer service support
    • Any party identified on the booking can use INTTRA Act Track and Trace 2.0

    Web Application T&T Features

    • One-Click Tracking: One click on a simple, standardized screen allows users to search by container number, bill of lading, carrier name, 180-day date range, purchase order, or any combination of these pieces of data
    • Advanced Tracking: Users can search by vessel, voyage number, trading partner, 180-day date range, latest location, and latest event, in addition to all the criteria in one-click tracking
    • Container List View: Users filter and sort search results to focus and organize data, including load port and discharge port
    • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

    Data Feed T&T Features

    • Recipients Automatically Identified from a match against the Booking Order or the Bill of Lading 
    • “Store and Forward” provides a system-to-system interface
    • Supports multiple formats: EDIFACT, ANSI, or XML
  • Case Studies

    Two Case Studies about how INTTRA's Track and Trace product improved business:

    • Perdigão, one of the largest food companies and exporters in Latin America, chose INTTRA to centralize and unify their shipping documentation process to achieve significant improvements.
    • China Merchants Logistics Group:The trend to use e-commerce platforms is catching on in China, and two shippers based in the country spoke about their use of the US portal INTTRA and how this has enhanced their supply chains.
  • Additional Downloads

    Explore the INTTRA Track and Trace product solution further based upon your choice of accessing the product through a single web-interface (Web Application T&T) or having it delivered through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection (Data Feed T&T).

  • Customer Testimonials

    "We work with over 15 carriers and it would take more effort and energy to create an EDI application with each one. By using a third-party portal we can main­tain certain standards and it’s much more cost-effective."
    Davy Wu, Vice President, Airsea Trans­port China

    "By tracing cargo we can gather feedback about the movement of the shipments more quickly. We can get that feedback more quickly to Pollo, so that they know where the supply chain needs to be developed. Being able to track and trace is really useful as it cuts down on the previous problems of facing delays and of cargo getting lost between the factory and the port."
    Yan Zhao, Ocean Department Manager, China Merchants Logistics Group (CM)

    "It has helped us manage the growth in volumes as it means that time is saved and employees have more time to contact customers and perform other func­tions. Since the use of INTTRA we have seen freight contracting/booking times, etc, cut by 50%."
    Lin Yang, Management Team , Xinjiang Pollo Food Co

    "Nowadays, the most important thing is to increase the service documentation level to customers. A system such as INTTRA is a good example of this.  We are always open to new technologies that are an ‘easy-to-do process’ that saves on time and money."
    Joao Batista Oneda, Logistics Manager in Chief, Perdigão

    "Kuehne + Nagel started with INTTRA's electronic sailing schedule. The next phase was electronic booking - INTTRA's eBooking tool - followed by electronic shipping instructions and Bills of Lading (Bs/L). And finally, of course, you want to know what's going to happen to your cargo, so we deployed INTTRA's electronic Track & Trace Information tool."
    Joachim Wohlers, Vice President of Global Sea Freight Systems, Kuehne & Nagel

    "Now all MCC customers will have access to INTTRA's comprehensive range of e-commerce tools with one simple connection, including: Tender, Sailing Schedules, Booking, Shipping Instructions, Bill of Lading, Track & Trace, and Reports. INTTRA offers the best solution for connecting our system to our customers, as we are seeing now with Cementhai Chemicals."
    Kevin Bulger, Line Manager, MCC Transport Pte Ltd.