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John Vitkus at Containers India 2017

Digitization and Transformation in Container Shipping
| Friday, September 8, 2017

See John Vitkus, Vice President of Sales Asia, inttra, present during the "Digitization and Transformation in Container Shipping" session at Containers India 2017 on September 8, 2017: A few key discussion points will include: What will be the biggest disruptors or transformers in Container Shipping? What will be the economic impact of digitalization on shipping? Eliminating inefficiencies through digitalization Commoditization of shipping business: e-Commerce companies are threat or opportunity? Blockchain technology: How will it conduct, manage, and track transactions in the shipping supply chain? Smart Transport logistics: Redesigning Container supply chains in Digital Era Port Community System 2.0: Why we need it?

To learn more visit the Containers India 2017 Website.

Note: Peter Spellman was originally scheduled to speak at this event.