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inttra C-FAST provides an automated, intuitive method for Freight Forwarders to guide shipments through an efficient and contract-aware allocation process. inttra C-FAST reduces manual effort nearly 40% by matching customer forecast and carrier capacity through the use of a predictive, controlled workflow.  Request More Information:

Addressing Freight Forwarders’

Most Critical Challenges

  • Manual collection & analysis of vendor and customer contracts
  • Matching customer demand with vendor commitments
  • Incomplete customer forecasting for business decisions
  • Lost business opportunities with insufficient utilization of space

  • Contract data from multiple sources and matching requirements, with too much time, spent manually consolidating reports -resulting in lost shipments due to a shortage of space.
  • Dated information, individual customer needs, and a lack of local booking agents with global visibility complicates your forecasting and selection with the best contracts or routes for your customers.
  • Mismatched forecast volume and allowed TEU allocation, with unintended allocation deferral for high-priority customers, leads to missed opportunities for your organization
  • Incomplete analysis of customer buying behavior impacts customer forecasting for the best pricing decisions

inttra has understood the requirements of Capacity Management by launching a product which combines the carrier’s space management with our customer’s forecasting. With an easy-to-use GUI and direct response to bookings made, we believe to have found a tool which makes our sea freight world a lot more efficient..

Johannes Saade, Global Head of Trade Management - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Air & Sea GmbH & Co. KG

C-FAST Key Benefits

 Maximize Allocated Capacity and Business Growth by optimizing available capacity, contractual commitments, and procurement efforts

 Improve Your Booking Reliability using comparisons of customer forecasts and actual bookings to develop valuation trend analysis and segmentation

 Automate Your Allocation Process using a predictive, controlled and contract -aware work flow for faster operational decision making

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