Freight Forwarders

Manage multiple customer needs easily on the world's leading ocean shipping platform.

INTTRA's unique patented electronic shipping platform connects you to 50+ world leading carriers, and is proven to reduce errors, costs, paperwork, and re-keying often required when shipping manually.

INTTRA makes ocean shipping easy for 220,000 forwarders and shippers worldwide by streamlining and simplifying daily processes. This reduces shipment delays and results in happy customers. No wonder INTTRA is consistently rated #1 ocean shipping solution in the world.

  • Benefits

    • Differentiate your business through value-added services to your customers
    • Improve internal operations with easy-to-use tools to manage bookings, shipping instructions, and bills of lading
    • Grow shipper base by joining world's largest ocean e-shipping network
    • Increase e-commerce adoption without significant investment
    • Directly cut costs by reducing manual processing, simplifying in-house software solutions, and eliminating multiple EDI connections with customers
    • Improve data quality by eliminating rekeying and receiving transactions that have passed strict data validations
    • Increase visibility to better manage the shipping initiation process
  • Features

    • You and your shipping partners can manage a high volume of shipments on INTTRA - online, through an EDI connection, or offline on a desktop application.
    • Global connectivity to carriers that provide over 90% of all ocean shipments and which is expanding rapidly
    • Complete suite of products to automate your ocean shipment processes
    • Use a single connection to transact with all your trading partners from one place
  • Case Studies

    Read how INTTRA improved the business processes for two companies:

    Mallory Alexander uses INTTRA to meet the need for an efficient and accurate electronic data submission and document release program. Read the Case Study Mallory Alexander.

    The Freight Forwarder Network Center (FNC) uses INTTRA to add value and lower costs. Read the Case Study FNC.

  • Customer Testimonials

    "We are truly excited about our alliance with INTTRA. Adding sea freight to our services enables us to provide enhanced one-stop shopping options for our forwarding customers. While only about three percent of the world's cargo volumes are taken by air, ocean transport represents over 80 percent. Because of our alliance with INTTRA, Tradevision is now a truly multi-modal supplier. Regardless of transport mode, all shipments can now be automatically monitored."
    Allan Harsbo, Senior VP, Tradevision

    "Our integration with INTTRA will enhance the service we offer our customers.  Processing will be faster, visibility and accuracy of shipment data will be improved, and most importantly costs will be reduced.  Submitting draft Bill of Lading instructions via INTTRA considerably reduces the fees associated with manual submission, such as liner charges and fax or messenger, resulting in significant cost savings.   Additionally, we estimate that shipment processing time will be reduced by an estimated 15-20% which will translate into significant cost savings."
    Jean-Paul Gobeil, Director-International Markets, Cyberfreight Systems Inc. 

    "Now we have set standards for electronic entry with a number of carriers and other users participating in the INTTRA network. And our data quality is growing, which is a major competitive benefit for us. Quality and communication is always a challenge when managing with 24,000 employees and thousands of customers."
    Joachim Wohlers, Vice President of Global Sea Freight Systems, Kuehne & Nagel

    "We are pleased to bring the Korean shipping industry, as well as our existing customer base, the mid-size freight forwarder market, process efficiencies, saving them time, money and improving data quality."
    Yong Pil Kim, General Manger, Korea Biz-net Co., Ltd.

    "We are proud of our work with INTTRA and value the Company as an industry partner. INTTRA’s relationships with the carrier community and continued dedication to an innovative product set have provided us withthe capabilities to meet the needs of our international customer base and to continue to meet our objectives as a corporation."
    Donna Lemm, Director of Business Processes, Mallory Alexander International Logistics