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Send Your Shipments to ZIM Using INTTRA

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Get access to the world's leading e-shipping platform and :

  • Submit your bookings and shipping instructions electronically
  • Reduce errors and time spent on manual documentation
  • Track status of your shipments and documentation in one place
  • Connect to the world's largest ocean shipping network

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Now you can use inttra to submit your bookings and shipping instructions to ZIM. Save time and more efficiently manage your ocean shipments with inttra for all your carrier transactions.

  • Add ZIM to your inttra account. Once approved, ZIM will be added to your carrier list within 48 hours.

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inttra offers a suite of online tools that automate and expedite your global shipping processes with 50+ carriers and NVOCCs. By using the inttra, companies realize higher productivity, reductions in error, improved compliance, and greater visibility. Join inttra and gain access to:

  • Ocean Schedules by Carrier or by Voyage
  • Booking Requests, Amendments and Confirmations
  • Shipping Instruction Submissions and Amendments
  • Bill of Lading Delivery
  • Visibility of Shipments via Track and Trace Reports