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INTTRA Introduces the NEW Ocean Schedules Solution, now equipped with enhanced data, a new web interface and the latest API technology for advanced integration with your systems. Our enhanced data offers a best-in-class user experience for advanced ocean shipment planning. The new web application and functionality provides users with even faster search capabilities. Request More Information:

Cloud -Based Technology

for API Integration

 Easy & seamless integration

 Eliminates data storage vs EDI

 Improves request\response system interaction

for API Integrations

Easy & seamless integartion

Eliminates data storage vs EDI

Improves request\response system interaction

New & Enhanced Data

for advanced shipment planning

 Transshipment Details - NEW

 Terminal Cut Off - NEW

 Service Loop Name - NEW


Updated web Application

for faster searching

 New user interface with various filters and search result sorting

 Advanced features such as schedules compare and nearby port selections

 Enhanced usability with downloadable schedules and saved searches

Your #1 Source for Schedules Data

 Reduced time for data collection from one source

 Time efficient search using the most up-to-date sailing schedules available in seconds

 Complete, real-time data to make qualitative business decisions with user-friendly overviews of various sailing options

 Quick, easy integration with your TMS for streamlined, integrated booking and scheduling

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