Electronic Submission of Verified Gross Mass Measurements

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INTTRA’s VGM compliance solution, makes it easier than ever for your business to comply with the IMO regulation and electronically submit VGM documentation to any shipping line. Whether you want to integrate using EDI or jump start your team using our web portal application we offer various options.

INTTRA eVGM Key Capabilities

  • Enables you to authorize a third party to submit VGM on your behalf

  • eVGM integrates easily with third-party Weight Providers and Terminal Weigh Stations

  • Advanced reporting, monitoring and auditing of eVGM submission history

  • Broad set of EDI features with automatic receipt of carrier processed eVGM submissions and confirmations

  • Global compliance efficiency through one platform for country specific regulations

  • Single platform access to submit VGM to any carrier in the world

  • Easy access to carrier confirmation notifications through an online dashboard

  • Easy user onboarding with little or no training required

  • “On the go” productivity supported by our mobile-friendly web application

Signing up for eVGM Web Submission is easy

in just 3 simple steps:

  • 1.

    Log into the new INTTRA portal by using your existing INTTRA ID. (Non-registered users are required to register here. )

  • 2.

    Once logged into the portal, click on the banner graphic at the top of the portal page in order to access the eVGM form.

  • 3.

    Complete the eVGM form with agreements to terms and conditions.

  • 4.

    Your eVGM account activation will be completed within 3 business days.