Container Reuse

Manage your empty equipment efficiently and effectively on avantida

What is avantida?

avantida is an online platform that facilitates and centralizes the services you offer to transporters for the management of empty container transport on the landside. It provides you a better overview of where your empty containers are located and are heading, and provides transporters more flexibility and efficiency to their transport planning.

Container reUSE

Rather than bringing back an empty container to the port or assigned depot, transport companies can request to reuse the container and bring it straight to their export customer to get loaded.

Optimize Your Import and Export Container Management Flow to Enhance Your Customer Service.


Transport companies can request a change of location (depot) for picking up or dropping off empty containers – saving them time, costs and traffic congestions. If you have an overload or shortage of containers at a certain depot, you can offer to pay transporters to drop-off or pick-up at that specific location.

Improve the Flexibility of Alternate Drop-Off or Pick-Up With Your Containers.

How Does it Work?

The transport company

  • Registers on the avantida platform
  • Loads their balance up front
  • Places a request

The carrier

  • Determines the fees for each transaction type
  • Receives a request notification
  • Handles the request

Control over your containers

Return for the extra services offered

Optimised request handling & planning