What are Decision Support Analytics?

It’s pre-built dashboards that provide insights to improve shipment planning decisions and operational performance. Our dashboards compile ocean tracking data from multiple sources into user-friendly interfaces focused on key phases of the shipping process.

Shipment Reliability Dashboard

Improve time to market commitments for customers with direct visibility into port performance and key metrics.

  • Effectively plan for seasonal shipments

  • Choose optimal routes with higher performance

  • Improve time to market commitments for customers

  • Predict and account for historical delays

  • Efficiently manage volume allocations

  • Analyze transit time and ETA trends

  • Measure volume breakdown by dwell tiers for additional demurrage charges

  • Measure individual port dwell activity between empty pickup, gate in / out, vessel load / unload, and returned

  • Analyze potential cost impact by dwell tier

  • Avoid high-risk ports with historically lengthy dwell periods

Dwell Time Dashboard

Avoid unexpected invoices on future shipments with analytics on turnaround time for various phases of the shipping lifecycle.

Booking Response Dashboard

Get ahead of the game by gaining detailed insight into key shipping metrics impacting your business performance.

  • Predict response timeliness across trade lanes / regions

  • Analyze differences between specialized and standard cargo

  • TRegional views with container volumes and response times

  • Analyze shipping volume and response timing correlations

  • Measure impact of booking response to seasonal shipments

  • Measure location / response time relationships

  • Customized views to account for containers in transit

  • Enhanced view of containers with incomplete status events information

  • Track performance of individual status events

  • Capture statistics on data quality for event timeliness

  • Analyze individual shipment and overall performance

Status Event Performance Dashboard

Enhance the planning and container management insight by having full visibility into shipment notifications for completeness and timeliness.