Together with inttra, our highly qualified and reliable partner in Sea Carrier EDI messaging, Riege Software’s logistics software offers the best possible seafreight communication products to our customers. Scope, our comprehensive Transport Management System is designed to seamlessly integrate with inttra, adding appreciable value to our software.”

– Peer Brink, EDI Team Leader at Riege Software

Riege Software

inttra, the e-commerce organization for global shipping industry, has provided us not only with a data exchange platform but also created a new operation module. This module standardizes electronic data conversion and transmission; it is faster and more accurate. We have greatly improved our efficiency and reduced labor costs.”

– HongLi Zhou, Customer Service, Manager 


Now we have set standards for electronic entry with a number of carriers and other users participating in the inttra network. And our data quality is growing, which is a major competitive benefit for us. Quality and communication is always a challenge when managing with 24,000 employees and thousands of customers.”

– Joachim Wohlers, Vice President of Global Sea Freight Systems

Kuehne & Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel started with inttra’s electronic sailing schedule. The next phase was electronic booking — inttra’s eBooking tool — followed by electronic shipping instructions and Bills of Lading (Bs/L). And finally, of course, you want to know what’s going to happen to your cargo, so we deployed inttra’s electronic Track & Trace Information tool.”

– Joachim Wohlers, Vice President of Global Sea Freight Systems

Kuehne & Nagel

With so many different vendors moving a diverse mix of cargo simultaneously, we wanted the efficiency and accuracy of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and the visibility that it provides. The consolidation platform has led to saving on Bill of Lading fees of $25-$75 per shipment. INTTRA’s Service Delivery Team linked AGT to INTTRA’s powerful platform, specifically its Ocean Schedules, Container Booking, Shipping Instructions and Track & Trace products, to create a seamless, electronic framework to manage shipping globally.”

– Time Bergen, Director of Freight and Logistics

AGT Foods

Intercomex has reduced costs by 25 to 30 percent since using INTTRA Desktop for the past 10 years. We went from having six employees manage every 100 shipments, to having only two employees managing the same shipment frequency, delivering the same level of customer service. Prior to using INTTRA, everything was manual and we used to send numerous emails. When Intercomex tried INTTRA for the first time, the team was impressed with the response and ease of integration, with 24,000 employees and thousands of customers.”

– Marcelo Motta, Director of Infrastructure and Development


We operate more than 600,000TEU each year. INTTRA helped us solve the problem of electronic data transmission with the carrier and provided additional value-added information services, greatly improving the efficiency of our work.”

– Ms. Tang Xue Chun, General Manger

Sinotrans Eastern Shipping Company, Ltd.

It is a pleasure to strengthen our relation with INTTRA. We have always been provided with beneficial and effective support during the past years. We have also enjoyed INTTRA’s specialized business solution in China and it is natural to see continued and encouraged growth in the e-commerce links with our customers.”

– Wu Yu, Deputy General Manager of Business Processes System Department


INTTRA, the global leader in e-commerce supply chain, provides us with great guidance and technical support. More importantly, they bring in new ideas and have helped us transition from complex paper documents to electronic data exchange. In a traditional shipping market, this has significantly improved efficiency of information transmission, saving time and labor costs.”

– Mr. Yang, Zhao, Vice General

Tianjin Penavico Freight & Forwarding Co.,Ltd

We are delighted to collaborate with INTTRA, a company that is devoted to global logistics service. We are constantly exploring the forefront of technology and ideas with them. Their effort in standardizing logistics technology through an innovative platform in order to provide better services is commendable. Our aim to make logistics simpler, more efficient and with lower cost coincides with INTTRA. At present, we collaborate on SO and ESI and look forward to a greater future.”

– Mr. Felix Xu, General Manager


INTTRA, the provider of public EDI data platform, is able to solve issues with ease and keep the customer satisfaction levels high by providing equal data quality.”

– Charles Lu, Cooperate IT Leader 

Delmar International (China) Inc. 

Convenience, efficiency and personalized service, is what we have experienced with inttra through our relation with them over several years. Shanghai is projected to be the center of global shipping, the introduction of advanced supply chain management and modernization of logistics processes is an urgent problem. inttra is definitely the leader and pioneer in this area.”

– Walker Wang, Marketing Division


INTTRA is a single global portal connected to KLNET, innovating Korea’s port and harbour centric logistics services and now expanding to other related areas. INTTRA plays a supplementary role in Korea’s domestic service, providing us with indispensable information process for a long time. This is a true representation of mutual collaboration between service providers, a core e-Commerce value.”

– MH, Lee, Managing Director, MH Lee


KTNET has diversified its original service of e-Trade and Korea Customs Manifest service into a wide variety of areas such as B2B, FTA among others. Without inttra, we would not be able to expand from our B2B service encompassing carriers, forwarders and two basic but essential partners in the shipping industry, to what we represent today. We did not have any overseas connection and customers in our service suites; this was accomplished only with our relation with inttra.”

– JH, Lee, Team Leader, Port & Shipping Division 


We are the only forwarder to have integrated the inbound and outbound logistics service partnered with KLNET and providing PLISM (Port Logistics Integrated System for Maritime Business) for industry partners including carriers, warehouses and transportation companies to terminals. I can say for sure that this was possible because of inttra. inttra helps us connect to almost all global carriers for booking, ESI and tracking data in addition to sharing the dynamic industry developments. I am confident to say that inttra will continue to play a dominant role in the global shipping e-Commerce industry.”

– JM, Kweon, IT Team Leader

Taewoong Logistics