American Shipper – INTTRA releases new ocean freight support tools

American Shipper – INTTRA releases new ocean freight support tools

By Eric Johnson |

The ocean shipping electronic marketplace INTTRA on Wednesday released a new set of dashboard products aimed at informing the shipment plans of freight forwarders and shippers.

The new tools are part of a new platform called INTTRA Marketplace Decision Support, with the initial release to include dashboards that help clarify shipment reliability and booking response levels.

The shipment reliability dashboard is based on a forwarder’s or shipper’s own historical data, collected by INTTRA, and are intended to help ocean freight buyers make plans on future carrier and trade lane usage by comparing estimated versus actual arrival, departure and total transit times.

“It predicts shipment reliability by trade lane based on historical performance,” said INTTRA Marketplace President Inna Kuznetsova. “Past behavior is best indication of future behavior. The way a freight forwarder would use it is they can see that for this particular trade lane, for this carrier, what has been my historical difference (between estimated and actual performance by its carriers). It helps them determine the risk of meeting cutoff dates, and plan and execute contingency plans. If you have risky trade lanes or if certain carriers present more risk than others, it allows you to make contingencies.”

The booking response dashboard provides is designed to help ocean freight buyers gauge average time to get a booking confirmed for different shipment options based on historical data.

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