Wrestling Big Data

CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Logistics Tech Solution Providers

CIO Review July 2016

Two new products from INTTRA, the e-commerce cargo-booking portal, show how the logistics industry is diving into so-called “big data” and working to transform raw information into supply chain intelligence..

In recent years, tech outsiders have been jumping into the logistics world looking to simplify operations and streamline brokering as shippers, freight forwarders and the like have been churning out data faster than their ability to make sense of it all.

INTTRA’s latest releases only go to show finding intelligence in data sometimes means looking at what you already have instead of acquiring what you don’t.

The e-commerce booking portal Wednesday launched two new products, a Shipment Reliability Dashboard and a Booking Response Dashboard, for forwarder and shipper customers.

“Those dashboards take information, data we’ve held in our system as the leading e-commerce platform for the ocean freight industry, and help them organize it, do some discoveries, do some analytics, extract certain insights from the data, track historical trends and make better decisions going forward,” INTTRA Marketplace President Inna Kuznetsova told JOC.com.

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