Smooth Sailing for Ocean Shipping

Smooth Sailing for Ocean Shipping

Supply Chain Asia Magazine

Although the ocean container industry is facing several challenges, experts believe that the shipping sector can prevail by adopting smart strategies, ranging from forming alliances to embracing larger vessels. However, there is one particular strategy that stands out as a must-have for
ocean shipping today to even stay afloat.

“In order to solve these challenges, companies operating in the ocean and logistics industry need to focus on automation and technology to stay in the game. It is virtually impossible to succeed otherwise,” says Mr John Fay, Chief Executive Officer of INTTRA.

INTTRA is of course one of the world’s leading ocean shipping electronic marketplace, with over 600,000 container orders are initiated on the INTTRAplatform each week, representing 22 per cent of global ocean container trade. In this issue of Supply Chain Asia magazine, Mr Fay shares with us his background, reasons behind the company’s success, and insights into this volatile industry.

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