APL Logistics Selects INTTRA’s eVGM Service for New Container Weights Requirement

PARSIPPANY, N.J. and Singapore August 11, 2016 – INTTRA, the world’s ocean shipping electronic marketplace, is pleased to announce that APL Logistics, a leading global supply chain specialist in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials and Retail sectors, is using INTTRA as a cost-effective channel for Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information submission to ocean carriers. This facilitates compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) VGM amendment , which mandates that only containers with a verified gross mass – or certified weight – can be cleared to be loaded onto ships.

The INTTRA eVGM Service provides freight forwarders and shippers with the benefit of using one connection to submit standardized VGMs to multiple carriers. In addition, the INTTRA eVGM Service maximizes flexibility by facilitating VGM submission under multiple weighing and container packing scenarios via a range of methods, including EDI, XML, INTTRA’s web user interface, mobile device and email. At the same time, INTTRA eVGM requires no changes to the process of booking containers or providing shipping instructions.

“APL Logistics is our long-standing customer and is a leader in logistics solutions that leverage technology to optimize customers’ supply chains,” said John Vitkus, INTTRA’s Vice President of Sales in Asia. “SOLAS VGM has added a new requirement to the supply chain, and we are pleased that APL Logistics selected INTTRA to provide a powerful, flexible solution that streamlines the VGM submission process across multiple formats and devices.”

“We have taken several steps to proactively prepare for SOLAS VGM. This includes building up manpower and putting in step-by-step processes to ensure VGM compliance. The INTTRA eVGM Service incorporated into our solutions toolkit is expected to further improve VGM submission speed and convenience to customers.” said Danny Goh, APL Logistics’ Chief Operations Officer.
For more information on INTTRA eVGM, please contact solasvgm@INTTRA.com.
For more information on APL Logistics solutions on SOLAS VGM, please visit www.apllogistics.com.

INTTRA is the world’s ocean shipping electronic marketplace, information and service provider. INTTRA‘s innovative transaction and information products, combined with the scale of our network, empower our customers to trade with multiple parties and leverage ocean industry information to improve their business. We work with over 50 leading Carriers and NVOCCs, over 110,000 freight forwarders and shippers, and more than 100 software alliance partners to streamline and standardize the shipping process. Over 650,000 container orders are initiated on the INTTRA platform each week, representing 24 percent of global ocean container trade.

About APL Logistics
APL Logistics is the go-to global supply chain specialist for companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials and Retail sectors.
The company has a global network covering all major markets; backed by a multinational workforce of about 7,000 people. APL Logistics is a member of the Kintetsu World Express group, a global logistics services provider.

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