MAX Software
via Classense 76/M 48124 Ravenna, Italy | EMEA

Running a company is a complex activity.

Communicating with collaborators, clients, and suppliers while managing information, creating new business opportunities and making decisions have become more sophisticated, determinant and require more powerful and reliable instruments which are also simple to use.

Implementation, maintenance, improvement and application to a business environment involves a team of professionals equipped with latest generation software and up-to-date technical knowledge.

This led to the creation of MAX SOFTWARE Srl in 1998, a team of professional IT personnel with a desire to share their experience and knowledge with a common goal.

We believe instruments such as internet, email, databases, cloud computing, smartphones, and tablets can be great resources. We apply these advantages to the business environment, quickly solving problems that may arise. In addition to their own commitment they are expected to have a certain technical knowledge which is not so easily acquired.

We facilitate the use of new technologies to companies operating in international freight forwarding, with reliable, complete and up-to-date solutions while guaranteeing an optimal long-term investment.

Partner Type: Integration Partner

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